Federal Pacific Electrical Panel Change

Federal Pacific Panel Change

NutleyUsing electricity wears out connections in the electrical panel over time because it creates heat, which causes expansion and can result in failed connections, tripped circuit breakers or electrical fires. Changing electrical panels is necessary if they’re over 30 years old, when covers are missing or there are loose or broken parts.   Constant tripping of the main circuit breaker because of insufficient power to a new addition or new electronics is another reason to change the electrical panel.

However, if Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) manufactured your electrical panel, it should be replaced immediately because it’s now known that these panels work fine for long periods of time but, after as few as one short circuit, they can overheat and become extreme fire hazards. If you live in New Jersey, contact an Electrician if this is the case

FPE manufactured most circuit breaker panels used in North America from 1950 to 1980, resulting in millions being installed in American homes.   Home inspectors and electricians discovered over time that these panels fail to properly protect a home and its contents when they malfunction, making them an electrical fire hazard.

A class action lawsuit was filed in New Jersey and a State Court ruled that FPE “violated the Consumer Fraud Act because FPE knowingly and purposefully distributed circuit breakers which were not tested to meet UL standards.”   Experts who tested FPE panels determined that they fail to trip at a higher rate than others and that, when a breaker does fail to trip, a large amount of power from outside surges into the home’s panels and circuitry and the power will continue to burn until wires melt or it runs out of fuel. Once this happens, there’s no stopping it or shutting it off and this situation creates an extreme fire hazard, which is the reason these panels have to be replaced.

Electrical panels manufactured by FPE are easily distinguished because the breaker switches are all black with orange on the tip and black numbers inside the orange indicating the breaker size (15, 20, etc.).

If your home currently has an outdated electrical panel or it was manufactured by FPE, you should replace the panel as soon as possible in order to properly protect your home and loved ones from unnecessary and preventable electrical fire hazards.


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