Wiring a Portable Generator for Your New Jersey Home

Wiring a Portable Generator

Incorrectly wiring a portable generator to your house could result in personal injury or death from electrical shock for any utility worker who may be working to repair the electrical line. In order to prevent such tragedies, it is essential that you correctly wire a generator when connecting it to your house for use during a power outage.

Generator_ConnectionYou should only use a transfer switch that has a three-position handle, which will be labeled “on—off—on” or “line—off—gen.”   The “off” position in the middle of these switches prevents cross-connecting power with the utility company’s line.

You should mount the transfer switch as close to the electrical panel as possible and then turn off the electrical power to the panel.

Next you should connect the switch’s “pigtail” to the service panel knockout, being careful to not excessively curve the pigtail, which could damage it. The large white wire connects to the “neutral” position and any green wire will connect to the “ground” position.

Each red wire should be matched to the black wire bearing the same printed letter and you should note which wires are for 120 volts and which are for 240- volt circuits.

Next, locate the circuits you want to run with the generator and remove each black wire from its breaker position and splice it to a black wire from the switch; then you put the red wire with the same printed letter into the breaker. Repeat this process for every circuit you want controlled by the generator.

Finally, set all the switches to “Line” and turn on the electrical service panel. Start the generator and let it run for a few minutes and then flip the switches to “Gen.”

Proper installation is essential when using a portable generator to prevent accidental personal injury or death due to electrocution and electrical fires.

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