Electrical Ground

Whenever the word “electricity” is used, it is closely followed by the word “ground.” For example, electrical appliances include a warning that you should “attach to an earth ground” or that an appliance should not be used at all “without an appropriate ground.”

ground“Ground” in electrical terms is literally the earth, ground, terra firma or whatever else you want to call the land that all of us walk on daily.   This “ground” includes rocks, stones, grass, mud and dirt, as well as groundwater.

Utility companies use the Earth as one of the wires in their power systems because it is enormous and a great electrical conductor. If you look at any utility pole, you’ll find a bare wire travels down the length of the pole where it is stapled in a coil to the base of the pole, which is buried six to ten feet in the ground, in direct contact with the earth once the pole is installed, thus creating “ground.”   You’ll also notice that this ground wire is connected directly to every utility pole along the line.

Likewise, near the power meters of every home and business, there is a six-foot long copper wire that is driven into the ground and this wire is connected to every electrical outlet in the building, thus creating “ground” and making for the safe flow of electricity from one electrical connection to another.

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