Portable Generator Connection

Generator Connection

There is a very large spectrum of work that an electrician can perform, from electrical troubleshooting of existing homes or buildings to completely new installations. Out of everything, there is nothing that we here at Ampacity Electric enjoy doing more than portable generator installations. We have been wiring portable generators into customer's homes for many years, long before it became a mainstream thing to do. Portable generator wiring is one of those services that provides a huge value to the customer. After Hurricane Sandy we received more calls from our happy customers across northern New Jersey than ever before, the consensus was that the generator connection was one of the best investments in their home that they have ever made.

A portable generator hookup consists of many parts. First there is a special high amperage 120/240 Volt outdoor electrical cord to connect to your portable generator. The other end of that cord attaches to a small and indiscreet inlet mounted on the outside of your home in a position of your choosing. Behind this inlet is all the wiring necessary to connect it to the heart of the system, your choice of either a transfer panel or an interlock kit.

Generator FAQ

A transfer panel will have a set number of circuits, usually 6-10. These are the circuits that you will be able to use during a power outage.

An interlock kit will function in a similar way to the transfer panel, however, it will energize every circuit in your home. This will give you the ability to walk through your home and use any light or receptacle that you want, provided that the generator has the ampacity to handle the load.

No matter which method you choose, Ampacity Electric will provide you with a safe and clean installation. In addition, emergency battery backup lighting is a low cost option to add to the portable generator connection package to ensure your safety while connecting the generator and switching power over.

When you say to yourself "I want the best electrician near me", it's time to call Ampacity. 

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